REVIEW: Justice Has A New Wade’s Face! (DEADPOOL)


Kali ini saya akan bahas film yang memang dari dulu sudah dinantikan oleh penggemar komik salah satu seri keluaran Marvel. Dan nyatanya perilisan film ini pada 12 Februari 2016  lalu has exploded the whole world! Sehingga dapat meraih puncak box office di seluruh dunia! Mungkin ini terdengar sudah biasa buat film-film produksi Marvel, isn’t it? Tapi film ini sangat spesial untuk kita dan entah kenapa dapat mencabut jantung kita. Sebenarnya apa sih yang buat film ini spesial? Berikut saya hadirkan review film DEADPOOL. Keep scrolling, mates!! 🙂

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NEWS: Tom Holland Perankan Tokoh Spider-Man Berikutnya

Standard — Sony Pictures dan Marvel Studios telah mengumumkan bahwa setelah proses seleksi yang panjang, Tom Holland (19) dipilih memerankan tokoh Peter Parker pada film Spiderman berikutnya, yang rencananya akan tayang di bioskop pada 28 Juli 2017.

Sementara itu, sutradara Jon Watts, yang sebelumnya menyutradarai film thriller Cop Car, akan menyutradarai film Spiderman tersebut.

Marvel, Sony Pictures, serta produser Kevin Feige dan Amy Pascal telah melakukan pencarian panjang guna mencari sosok yang tepat untuk memerankan tokoh Spiderman dan juga mencari sosok yang mampu menyutradarai film Spiderman terbaru.

Mereka terkesan dengan penampilan Holland di The Impossible, Wolf Half, dan juga di film yang akan segera tayang, The Heart of the Sea. Holland juga membuat mereka tertarik setelah melalui casting dengan menjalankan beberapa tes adegan yang kompleks.

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NEWS: Tom Holland Is The New Spidey


Comicbook.comActor Tom Holland has been cast as the next live-action Spider-Man.

Holland is a nineteen year old English actor, who was born in Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom. He is best known for playing the lead role in Billy Elliot the Musical at the Victoria Place Theatre, London and for starring in the movie The Impossible. He also played Gregory Cromwell in the Wolf Hall TV mini-series.

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NEWS: Narnia 4: The Silver Chair UPDATE


Here’s Reep. I’m back again since been a bloody long time hadn’t post any kind of stuff 😀

So here I am giving you an update that I just got a couple days ago from Narnia fandom/fanpage (I’ve got one too. Been a Narnians since I was a very little and eventually decided to make my own one. Follow me on Twitter/Instagram @NarniaFansID / @narniafansid Sorry, I’m promoting). Exactly. You got this one. It’s NARNIA.

Who’s excited for it? MEEEEEEEEEEE *raising hand* ANY OTHER NARNIANS OUT THERE? *calling out all Narnians by Susan’s horn*

Obviously we have heard about the upcoming Narnia movie, and the producers have promised us that it’s gonna be The Silver Chair, instead of The Magician’s Nephew. Why? Why they’ve chosen Silver Chair? Why don’t they do the very first book instead making another sequel? Because they say, The Magician’s Nephew has a high religious content which is going to the Christianity. And this thing making a conflict of among of people. So they’ve decided to skip that first book/that prequel one.

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NEWS: The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials TRAILER IS OUT !


Is there anyone out there who loves The Maze Runner series? Well, to be honest, I do love the Maze Runner. Sort of a fan. I have finished three books of the series; The Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials, and The Death Cure. All of the fans are waiting patiently for Scorch Trials which is going to come out on September 18th. But, we’re relieved a bit after The Scorch Trials trailer has already come out. You haven’t watched it yet? Better check it out then…

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